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Computers. Internet.

Diagnostics. Repairs. Service.

We can provide our services in your home, office: at the location of equipment. Among our services: one-time and subscription services for organizations and individuals, diagnostics, tuning and repair of laptops, monitors, printers, installation of wireless Internet - WiFi (configuration, testing, optimization, improving the quality of the wireless connection speed), repair of digital equipment.

Professional support, we are providing at your place, allow you to troubleshoot any problems in your PC, laptop, netbook, resolve any Windows-related problems , to detect and remove malicious software, cleanup viruses or set up and optimize wireless Internet - you always can rely on our professionalism!


You can make order or request any additional information by phone: +972 (55) 966-10-17


Repair computers at your place - one of the most common services of computer assistance. All nesessary work our experts carry out directly on the object. You do not have to carry your computer to the service center. You can make order online!

Our services:

  • Setup of OS Windows
  • Setup of any additional software
  • Antivirus and malware protection
  • Connect to Internet, WiFi
  • Restore of lost or damaged data